Jim Minchin has been involved in the funeral service industry since the early ’60s, becoming a licensed Funeral Director in 1962. Jim was always a step ahead of the curve and had a revolutionary vision about cremation and the future of the funeral industry. Jim believed over the next coming decades more people would decide to be cremated instead of traditional burials or entombments. In 1970, he founded Direct Cremations and became a pioneer of this new type of funeral service. 

In 2011, Stephanie DeSevo founded Direct Cremations LLC. By 2013, Stephanie and Jim (founder of Direct Cremations, Passaic County,)  partnered together to help assist families in their moments of need. After 50 years in the business, Jim retired and left the business in the hands of Stephanie. Stephanie and her staff continue to provide the same exceptional service as Jim had for so many years.