Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see my loved one after your staff removes them from the place of death? Do you provide any visitation or services?

Once we take your loved one into our care from the place of death, there is no option for you to see them again. We provide direct cremations only and do not offer any viewing, visitation or funeral services. If you are considering having a visitation, we strongly recommend contacting a traditional funeral home that can accommodate this.

I have submitted all the required paperwork to Direct Cremations, what happens next? Approximately how long does the process take from start to finish? 

Once we receive the cremains back from the crematory, and the death certificates back from the state of New Jersey, we will contact you to coordinate a pickup date. The process takes approximately one week.

Is Social Security notified of my loved one’s death?

Yes. Once we submit the death certificate online, Social Security is notified. We do recommend following up with Social Security, to confirm they have been notified of the death.

What do I need death certificates for? How many do I need?

The amount of death certificates needed varies from family to family.
Death certificates are required for several reasons, including the following:

  • Bank Accounts/Credit Cards
  • Mortgage Lenders and Creditors
  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Retirement Plans, Pensions & Military Benefits
  • Transfer of Title Ownership of Vehicles, Real Estate & Other Property

Do we pick up the cremains and death certificates? Can you ship the cremains & death certificates if need be?

We have two locations in New Jersey for pick up of the cremains and death certificates. If a pickup option is not feasible for you, we can ship as well.

Do you handle the obituaries? Do you provide prayer/mass cards?

Direct Cremations does not submit obituaries. The family will provide their obituary to the newspaper, and Direct Cremations will confirm the death with the news source. Direct Cremations does not offer prayer or mass cards, but many providers can be found online.

How can I be sure the remains I receive are those of my loved ones?

Cremation of multiple people at the same time is illegal in the U.S., so the cremation chamber is not designed to hold more than one person at a time. Furthermore, cremation is a regulated process with strict procedures. All necessary documentation must be completed with local authorities. A metal disk with a unique ID number accompanies your loved one. This metal disk seals the bag containing the cremains, and matches the number on the cremation certificate. You can rest assure that you are receiving only your loved one’s ashes during this meticulous process.

Are you considered a funeral home?

Yes, we are considered a licensed funeral home and we are all NJ licensed Funeral Directors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept check, debit, credit card (3% surcharge) or cash as payment methods.